Android PRO IPTV Player

Download the Android PRO IPTV Player APK file
Once you download the file , copy over to Android box with a USB stick

Pro IPTV player menu screen

Copy the PRO IPTV Player APK file to your Android Tv Box

(Normally best to download on PC and copy over to Android box with a USB stick)


Install and run the  APK file on your Android TV box, You will need to install the file using the built in installer APP installed on your new Android TV box !


Once installed and run you will see the Pro IPTV Player Login screen.


Pro IPTV Player login Screen


only once you have sent an activation Email 

Included in this Email will be your PLAYLIST LINK/URL  this contains your USERNAME and PASSWORD 

Find “YOUR USERNAME” and “YOUR PASSWORD” inside your Playlist/URL

EXAMPLE  of how it looks


Android TV box Pro IPTV Player extra settings

Other important information:

  • Sometimes you will need to use UPDATE EPG DATA to sync and load the channel list, it is recommended you do this at least once a week to re-sync channel lists.
  • To save your favourite channels, you should press & hold on the channel you wish to add to favourites, then a new shortcut menu will be created with your favourite channel list.
  • To optimise the viewing performance, we recommend you set the player type to Hardware or Software Decoding [Settings –> Player Selection] and the stream format to .ts [Settings –> Stream Format: MPEGTS (.ts)]


Should you NOT have a NEW Samsung or LG SMART TV you will need a dedicated computer or Android TV box to stream and watch Top  IPTV service!

 We sell and deliver by courier service fully installed and working Android Tv Boxs to any destination in South Africa. Just connect to the internet and the rest is Plug and play with running Top IPTV Subscription.